Sports betting and superstition

If ever there was an afterlife marriage, it had to be a marriage between gambling and superstition. Or … the connection is so strong that you will find people who, in the hope of getting rich calmly week does not change underwear.

There are so many different types of bettors superstition that it is virtually impossible to list them all. Each one may have different tipster “ritual,” so we can not really know how many there actually are.

But when you walk into the casino should be a moment you will observe individual players, you’ll be able to notice certain rituals. For example, the dice will make some gesture before each throw, the people playing the machines before each game keeps her hat and some players will be blackjack When the cards at all costs in one hand to hold their drink. This list could go on forever.

Superstition is everywhere

Against superstition is not immune either the world of sports betting – there are many “oddities” that perform sports bettors (and over which almost everyone would just shook his head in disbelief).

It’s a little scary to think that grown men to dig dirty laundry to online betting lodged in his lucky underpants (you would not believe how many bettors are superstitious in this way).

Then the necessary sports bettors who consider bets only when they have their head hat from his youth (which they already today on head sitting as a Jewish yarmulke rather than as a traditional cap). These examples may be a bit extreme, but there are practices that are widespread among a large number of sports bettors. Now look at it, which is practice.


Superstition bettors has largely connected with the television. Some punters believe that bet wins if the match will watch on television, while others again believe in the complete opposite.

Then there are punters who believe that if a match on television time off for a while and then turn on their team starts to flourish. Others insist that during the match must be complete silence in the room and so on …

Discussion Forums

Another separate chapter discussion forums. Very popular is the so-called “jinx” or influencing bets. How does something like this happen? Go to some betting forum and should be in the middle of the match vs. Sparta Bohemians type as the clear winner is the one (any) of the teams. You can bet that the rest of you crumble punters that have somehow influenced his commentary fate and outcome of the game.

Does it bother at all superstition?

Superstition your results did not particularly mind, it does not affect your decision. So if you need to always before submitting a ticket navlĂ©ct your favorite shorts, that’s your thing. But if superstition somehow affects your betting decisions (such as in odd weeks always bet on the victory of Sparta), has in the long run, your results are negative effects and you should try to get rid of her. Indeed, you can achieve success only if you are betting approached as a business – that is absolutely rational.

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